Essential Oil Synergy Blends

Our oils are blended together by an IFA UK-qualified Aromatherapist, to create a synergy which mutually enhances its effects upon one another. If you are suffering from a physical ailment, it is common that an emotional or mental state is affected too, or vice versa. Blending allows for a well-balanced treatment, combining the different natural plant chemical constituents to create a more natural healing towards your mind, body and spirit.

"I like to tweak my recipes once in awhile, sometimes changing ingredients or tweaking ratios. This allows my regular customers to benefit more from different properties from various oils, minimizes sensitization, and gives variety to the aroma. Thus, prices may change periodically. Flexibility is one of the reasons why i go for plain, simple, straightforward labels: it allows me to easily change instructions as and when needed. No fussy colourful images, just straight to the point". - Tania

Calm Child Synergy Oil 10ml
Regular price RM120.00 MYR
Inhaler Tube (Aromatherapy)
Regular price RM22.90 MYR
Anti-Fatigue Synergy Oil 10ml
Regular price RM75.00 MYR
Rock-A-Bye Baby Synergy Oil 10ml
Regular price RM95.00 MYR
Knock-Out Synergy Oil 10ml
Regular price RM150.00 MYR