Ritual Soaps

Specific scents were used in magical rituals to attain a state of consciousness necessary to the practice of magic. Some aromas increase the body's bioelectrical energy which can be aligned to ritual tasks, whilst some aromas are closely aligned with specific magical goals such as money, love, healing, psychic awareness, hex-breakers, purification, protection etc. Many cultures continue to use herbs & resins, scented incense, candles, and oils in traditional and ceremonial practices.

TWL has incorporated age-old traditions of magical aromatherapy to suit modern times, with easy-to-use aromatic ritual bath salts and soaps to enhance one's ritual consciousness. Whether using them in the shower or just as a hand wash, a ritually correct soap can trigger the state of ritual consciousness and boost the effectiveness of a spell. 

Our ritual soaps are lovingly handmade with high quality pure essential oils from the UK. No caustic chemicals and no artificial fragrances. They are made for full-body washes, like you would do in any shower, and in place of normal soaps. Gentle, moisturising, and no 'mucky' residue layer that other soaps leave behind. Clean yourself physically as well as energetically! 

*Even natural products may cause contact dermatitis to individuals with very sensitive or allergy-prone skin. If so, then use ritual soaps for hand wash only.