Anti-Fatigue Synergy Oil 10ml

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Sometimes you just need that extra refreshing boost to help you through the day! Maybe you've been burning the midnight oil on an urgent work project or school assignment, working nightshifts, driving long-distances, or exhausted because you're looking after a sick family member, or perhaps even wondrously partying all weekend. Let this invigorating blend of citrus and herbs revitalise you!

For a very 'quick fix', apply 1-2 drops neat on to one palm and spread it gently between both palms. Open your left palm so it is flat, close your right hand into a loose fist like a funnel and place it over your left open palm. Close your eyes and put your nose near the opening of your right fist, and take slow, deep breaths. About 10 deep breaths should do. You will feel invigorated! Remember to wash the essential oils off your hands immediately after, so that you do not accidentally rub your eyes or face with it. 

Method of Use: Diffuser, massage (when diluted), aromatherapy locket. 

Safety: Do not use if pregnant, if you have high blood pressure, or epilepsy.