Be Happy (for Depression) Synergy Oil 10ml

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Chronic depression can be very debilitating. Most sufferers experience a few or all symptoms such as extreme tiredness, anxiety, a roller-coaster conflict of emotions, tearfulness, suicidal thoughts, loss of enthusiasm, not wanting to get out of bed etc. Using Be Happy oil can help the emotional and mental states, gently bringing balance to the individual, without dulling the senses as many other harsh medications do. Use daily.

You may find it beneficial to alternate use with Anti-Fatigue, Focus & Concentration, Stress-Free Emotional, Stress-Free Mental, Love, and/or Anger, Irritability, Frustration synergy oils, as part of your healing journey.    

Methods Of Use: Home/office diffuser, pendant diffuser, bath, massage (only when diluted in carrier oil). 

Safety: Do not use if pregnant.