Bergamot FCF Essential Oil 10ml

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Bergamot FCF is furocoumarin-free. This oil is re-distilled in the UK to remove phototoxic bergapten and is therefore safer for the skin. Bergamot (citrus bergamia) is what is known as 'the happy oil', uplifting and useful for depression and excessive mood swings. Great for teenagers and also for premenstrual moodiness. Also good for skin.

Aromatherapy/Home Use blends:

To calm grief, add 3 drops Bergamot FCF, 3 drops Rose Absolute or Melissa, and 4 drops Sandalwood to 20ml carrier oil and apply it to your body in long soothing strokes

Note: The calming, uplifting effects of Bergamot appear to become reversed if used simultaneously with alcohol.