Clove Bud Essential Oil 10ml

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There are three different oils obtained from the clove tree: leaf, flower bud, stem. Of these three, flower bud is the safest for aromatherapy-use because of its lower Eugenol content. Even so, Clove oil (eugenia caryophyllata/syzgium aromaticum) is recommended for use in a diffuser only, unless otherwise advised by a qualified Aromatherapist. And used in low doses only. Known for its properties to expel intestinal worms, numbing tooth aches, soothing digestive upsets. 

Aromatherapy/Home Use example: Use only Clove Bud essential oil

To ease a toothache, add 1 drop Clove Bud, 2 drops Lavender High Altitude, and 1 drop Peppermint to a bowl of warm water, soak a facecloth in the water and squeeze out excess water, and use as a compress against the cheek of affected area. 

Safety: All types of Clove oil may cause skin and mucous membrane irritation. Use in low doses (no more than 1% dilution), and in moderation only.