Colds/Flu/Sinusitis/Rhinitis JR. Synergy Oil 10ml

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Colds/Flu/Sinusitis/Rhinitis JR. is a softer synergy for children and the elderly, using pure essential oils known for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, and  decongestant actions to gently clear the breathing airways and strengthen respiratory immunity. 

Steam inhalation is the best method for relief against nasal and respiratory congestion. Do this once or twice a day. Your nose may leak for a couple of days as the congestion clears.

Methods Of Use: Steam inhalation, bath, massage chest, back, and/or soles of feet (dilute with carrier oil).

Safety: Suitable for children above 2 months. Avoid exposure of applied area to direct sunlight 12 hours after application.