Dementia/Alzheimer's (Night) Synergy Oil 10ml

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Our Dementia/Alzheimer's (Night) oil is soft and sweet, using essential oils with properties that are calming to the nervous system, eases stress and tension, soothes agitation and restlessness, aids for a more peaceful sleep, and with antiseptic properties with an affinity to the respiratory system. We recommend using both our Day and Night oils for a more balanced experience.

Studies have shown aromatherapy can help ease the different symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's, such as easing anxiety, decreasing agitation, boosting memory, improving sleep, improving digestion, and improving the mood and quality of life of loved ones living with this condition. 

The Department of Biological Regulation, School of Health Science, Faculty of Medicine, Tottori University in Japan, studied the effects of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer's disease, in which results showed significant improvement in personal orientation related to cognitive function after therapy. In conclusion they found aromatherapy an effective non-pharmacological therapy for dementia, and that aromatherapy may have potential for improving cognitive function especially in Alzheimer's disease patients.

Method Of Use: Diffuser, bath, massage (diluting in a carrier oil and massaging the oil on to the neck, shoulders, hands, arms or feet of the person is pleasing to the Alzheimer's sufferer's senses, and a way by which love can be conveyed, and may help bring back the closeness and method of communication when there is no other).

Safety: Some sensitive individuals may experience contact dermatitis with Chamomile and Ylang. In such a case, use only in diffusers.