Ginger Essential Oil 10ml

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Warm and earthy, Ginger (zinger officinale) is best known as a digestive aid to ease digestion, release gas (flatulence), stomach cramps, nausea, and calm diarrhoea. Its warming and analgesic functions are also useful to boost poor circulation, warm limbs, relieve muscular aches and pains, sprains, arthritis etc. 

Aromatherapy/Home Use example:

To alleviate nausea or motion sickness, add 1 drop Ginger, 1 drop Lavender Spike, and 1 drop Peppermint onto the felt pad of your aromatherapy locket diffuser. Alternatively, these same oils can be added to a carrier oil and massaged into the stomach, in a clockwise direction. Note that for motion/travel sickness, it is more effective to massage into the stomach 10 minutes before you begin your travel. 

Safety: Nonirritant (except in high concentration). Slightly phototoxic, may cause sensitisation in some individuals.