Hex-Breaker Bath Salts

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Cleanse yourself of negativity when you feel that someone/something is out to get you. 

Hex-Breaker is for those who suspect that someone has employed a bomoh or is using magick to specifically direct a hex/curse upon you. Your commitment (time & effort) is necessary to lift/break this hex.

We recommend a self-cleanse with Hex-Breaker Bath Salts, and a Smudging of your space, once a day for the first 2 to 3 weeks.

When you feel a lift or shift in the energy,  then use the Bath Salts and Smudging herbs & resins, once every few days. All hexes/curses are different in types and intensity, so each individual's experience is different.

Remember to use our Protection Bath Salts too, useful in the evenings before you sleep, or when you're going out to a meeting or crowded space.  

To use in shower: Dissolve 1 big tablespoon in a bucket of warm water. Use after you have showered clean, and then rinse off body with clean water. 

To use in bath tub: Dissolve 3 big tablespoons in a warm bath and relax in it for 10-20 minutes. Rinse off body with clean water after.