Inhaler Tube (Aromatherapy)

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These personal inhaler tubes are perfect to carry your favourite blend with you, when diffusers or sprays are not convenient. You can use an anti-stress blend in the office, a cold/flu buster blend when needed, something for asthma/bronchitis sufferers, or one for headaches/migraines, an anti-viral and anti-bacterial blend in clinics or hospitals...the list is endless! It's also ideal way for children to use aromatherapy in school, to create a productive and happy day as they too have their own stresses to deal with.

How to use: Place 20-25 drops of blend into a small bowl. Place cotton wick in the bowl and allow it to absorb the entire amount. Insert the wick inside the inhaler tube and tightly cap the bottom of the inhaler with the plug. Place the inhaler tube inside its cover and screw tightly to close. 

Each pack comes with 5 pcs inhaler tubes, cotton wick included.