Lavender High Altitude Essential Oil 10ml

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A familiar and favourite scent to almost everyone, Lavender High Altitude (lavandula angustifolia) is regarded as one of the most versatile oil therapeutically.

This lavender grows between 800 and 1,000 metres in the foothills of the Alps in Provence, France. It has a 44% linalyl acetate content which indicates superior quality, with an overall ester content of 50-52%, giving it a gentle rounded aroma. 

Its antimicrobial, analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, carminative, parasiticide and other actions make it ideal for use in skin care, as an insect repellant, to ease muscular aches and pains, sprains, in respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, to soothe abdominal cramps, aid sleep, alleviate headaches and migraines, nervous tension and stress-related conditions, PMS, sciatica, hypertension etc. 

Aromatherapy/Home Use example:

For a relaxing evening and to get better sleep, add 2 drops Lavender High Altitude, 2 drops Mandarin, and 1 drop Chamomile Roman to 200ml of water in a diffuser.  

Safety: Generally safe.