Lime (Distilled) Essential Oil 10ml

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Expressed Lime oil is produced in the same way as other citrus fruits, by pressing the peel of the fruit to extract the oil. However, expressed Lime oil is extremely photo-toxic, and so should be avoided. 

Absolute Aroma's Lime oil is distilled, which is by far the most prominent type. Most people prefer the distilled oil's aroma as it more closely resembles the fruit itself. Distilled Lime oil is widely used for flavouring whereas the expressed oil tends to be preferred by the perfume industry. The two main sources of Lime oil are Mexico and Peru. This oil is from Mexico, and is a delightful oil, very reminiscent of fresh limes - a wonderful revitalising oil.

Refresh aching feet by adding 1 drop each of Lime, Lemon, and Geranium to a bowl of warm water and soak for at least 5 minutes.

Add 1 drop each of Lime, Lavender and Neroli to the water in a spray bottle and use as a natural room spray. Avoid polished surfaces and plants.

Precautions: Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising, non-phototoxic.