Melissa 10% (in Coconut) Essential Oil 10ml

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Melissa (melissa officinalis), also known as Lemon Balm, is an excellent essential oil that is difficult to find in its true unadulterated form, and is one of the most expensive oils due to its low yield from the plant's leaves i.e. it takes a lot of leaves to make an extremely low quantity of essential oil. It is often subject to adulteration mixed with other essential oils to give you only a melissa type scent. However, TWL is pleased to offer unadulterated true Melissa essential oil sourced from Southern Ireland, in 10% dilution in Coconut oil to make it more affordable for the majority of users. 

A delicate, lemony, herbaceous aroma that uplifts and comforts the mind. A real treasure for banishing dooms and glooms! Excellent for anxiety, depression, nervous tension, hypertension, shock, migraine, insomnia and vertigo. Also good for respiratory and digestive complaints but there are other cheaper oils that one can choose for respiratory and digestive problems. I'd reserve Melissa for issues associated with the heart, emotions and nervous disorders. 

Aromatherapy/Home Use example: 

To uplift and comfort the mind in moments of depression or shock, mix 2 drops Melissa, 3 drops Neroli, and 3 drops Grapefruit. You can use this mix either in a diffuser, or add to a soothing bath, or dilute in 20ml carrier oil as a massage blend.

If applying as massage blend, avoid exposing area to direct sunlight for 12 hours. This massage blend is so effective that it is not necessary to apply as a full body massage; just applying on the arms, lower back, neck and shoulders is sufficient.

Safety: Possible sensitisation and dermal irritation. Use in low dilutions only.