Rock-A-Bye Baby Synergy Oil (newborns-3 mths) 10ml

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Many parents nowadays are horrified at the artificial chemicals and preservatives (to prolong shelf-life) that go into baby products. I created Rock-A-Bye Baby due to the rising requests from mothers asking me for a gentle yet effective blend for their babies; something gently cleansing to bathe their delicate skin with, something naturally antimicrobial to rid airborne germs, and something soothing and calming. 

Rock-A-Bye Baby is all pure and natural, specially created for newborns - 3 month olds. 

Methods Of Use: Bath (mix 1 drop into milk, and stir into bath), massage (dilute further by adding 1 drop to 4 teaspoons of carrier oil). Diffusing is unnecessary for a newborn but if you wish to create a 'cleaner' air environment for your baby, then diffuse 1 drop in 100ml of water for half an hour in the room. Place the diffuser furthest away from baby or preferably, diffuse for half an hour (then switch off) before placing baby in the room.

A 10ml bottle is approximately 200 drops. Assuming you'd only use 1-3 drops in total a day, one bottle will last you 66 to 200 days.  

Note: Herbal tea baths are a softer, gentler alternative for baby baths. Using dried herbs like lavender blossoms, chamomile flowers, calendula petals, thyme, etc. offers a natural cleansing wash with no harsh chemicals or artificial additives. 

Safety: Avoid getting into eyes. Rinse off body with clean water at the end of bath, if using in bath. Yarrow and Chamomile may be sensitising to allergy-prone or sensitive individuals. Keep away from children and pets reach. Never ingest oils internally.