Vetiver Essential Oil 10ml

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Vetiver (vetiveria zizanoides) is a rich, heavy, oil with woody undertones. This oil is selected from Haiti for its excellent quality. Most Javan producers burn off the grass before digging up the roots, which gives a smoky smell to the oil; whereas Haitian producers cut the grass and use it for feeding cattle or for grass mats, so the oil has a much cleaner earthy aroma. 

Vetiver is extremely viscous. It may require gentle warming of the bottle in the hands prior to use. It has a deeply calming effect and is a valuable oil in massage and baths for anybody suffering from stress, grief, depression, insomnia, muscular aches and pains, arthritis, rheumatism. 

Aromatherapy/Home-Use example: 

To ease insomnia or aches and pains, add 2 drops Vetiver, 2 drops sandalwood, and 4 drops Lavender in 20ml carrier oil for a deeply relaxing massage oil. 

Safety: Nontoxic, nonirritant, nonsensitizing.